View of the King Soopers, Boulder, CO

Every time there is a mass shooting in the United States I am reminded of many things that are unique to the American experience. Part of that experience is that as an American, you are uniquely placed to become a statistic at any time. Subject to random acts of violence in a culture that claims itself to be cooperative and non-violent. Subject to actions of overt hate by others using instruments of warfare claimed to be for sport and defense.

When it comes to freedom, there is a certain group that believes any attack on freedom is inherently unamerican and…

I am writing this letter as a follow-up to a previous statement I submitted in May of 2020 regarding a negative police interaction I had with a Detective from the Cal Poly Pomona Police Department. That statement was submitted to the Chief of Police and the Student Affairs Department to which I received no response.

Early in 2020, my identity was stolen by way of debit card compromise. The perpetrator used my card to purchase various items for themselves, including a TV and food. I noticed I had been compromised when I attempted to buy food from the Panda Express…

Recent events have caused an uptick in the number of people taking a curious interest in my life. Within the past few days, I have had no fewer than a dozen close friends and associates ask what my feelings were towards the happenings just blocks away from my apartment. As I write this, thousands across America have taken to the streets to protest injustice. This has been spurred by a very familiar spat of police brutality, far too common to recall, that has resulted in the death of yet another unarmed African American male. I have been asked to share…

All of these calls are the same. Names, details, and actions have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

I had been stationed in Germany for around four months when I first started to heed the words a flight chief told me when I arrived.

“You’re gonna see some stuff out here. We deal with real things in this squadron. On a long enough time scale you’re gonna bear witness to about as much as regular beat cops in the city”

Griffith was an advisor of sorts that kept me on a straight path during my entire tenure…

Here’s a fact: being a Private Investigator means reading. Lots and lots of reading. You’ll read everything. News articles, case files, court reports, boring mail, the occasional interesting death threat or hate letter, and emails. The life of a PI is nothing if not filled with the dread of drowning in a flood of words daily. I say all this to say that reading is a thing that is less often for pleasure than for work.

I occasionally read for fun these days. I get to the odd memoir and a few novels. I’ve been steadily aching my way through…

Jeremy Manning

Some thoughts matter.

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